I Grew Up in Real Estate


My father was a broker for RE/MAX in Moose Jaw, Saskatchewan and back then I spent hours helping him sort the weekly paper listings, putting them into the various districts and neighbourhoods. He taught me how to measure a room, how to price a home to within $500, and to understand that in business treating the client the way you would like to be treated keeps them coming back. No fancy ads, no gimmicks, just ability and knowledge.


I have a double bachelor degree in Business and Music Performance with a minor in Secondary Education. I studied clarinet at the Ghent Conservatory,¬†I was the clarinetist for the entire 10 year run of “Phantom of the Opera” here in Toronto. I jog almost daily, create “useful” objects from recycled materials, love to travel and dream of winning the lottery. My licensed real estate career started just over 15 years ago.

Fred Osachoff

Fred Osachoff

Sales Representative

I Give Back


I give a portion of each sale to the Children’s Miracle Network, a RE/MAX charity that supports local children’s hospitals. Here in Toronto the supported hospital is Sick Kids. I also donate a portion of my musical composition sales to the San Pedro Orphanage in Peru. I was helped along the way, giving back is important to me.